Hallett Law is pleased to announce that it has joined the Regional Development Australia’s B2B Program, where it will (with the support of the RDA) provide legal services to start ups and established small and medium enterprises’s in the Barossa, Gawler, Light and Adelaide Plains areas.

Its “Business to Business (B2B) Program” is a business support program that connects skilled service consultants with (SMEs looking for assistance within their business to grow and develop.  The program works with a two-hour consultation with Hallett Law, and only requires a small co-payment fee to RDA of $55 for the business owner requesting this expert assistance.

Hallett Law has joined this program because it strongly believes that business growth and economic development within a community starts with the businesses within the community itself. By supporting better business within the Barossa, Gawler, Light and Adelaide Plains communities, it encourages new investment in the area and assists existing businesses to thrive. Ultimately, a thriving business community creates jobs and economic longevity.

To take advantage of the services through the B2B Program, please contact Trevor Taylor, Business Solutions and Growth Strategy, Regional Development Australia – Barossa on (08) 8563 3603 or by email at trevor@barossa.org.au.